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About Us

Diversified Elevator Services provides timely elevator pit and elevator machine room maintenance services for commercial, retail, and residential buildings. We understand that each customer has individual elevator needs and offer a variety of flexible programs to meet your property’s requirements.

Our elevator maintenance solutions are designed to avoid the need for emergency elevator repair services. We offer various elevator maintenance program options customized for your budget and property. When in need of elevator maintenance, property managers and building owners are confident that Diversified Elevator Services will assist in designing a customized maintenance program to suit their needs.

Safety, efficiency, and timely response are the core elements of Diversified Elevator Services’ defined maintenance programs.

Our Services

All Elevator Pit and Machine Room Maintenance, including:

Pit Cleaning

Pit Pumping

Pit and Component Painting

Machine Room Maintenance

Sump Pump repair/installation

Over 20 years serving

Florida Statewide


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